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Biak is a small island in the north of Mainland Papua. No more than 21 species of rare or endemic birds and several species that have been split in the Geelvink area, excluding 2 endemic birds from the island of Numfor such as: the Numfor Paradise Kingfisher and the Numfor Leaf Warbler, which are an attraction for some tourists for bird watching and photography.

We are from Papua Birding – Indonesia Team in Biak will take you to birding spots to target mostly Endemics Birds such as:
Biak Coucal
Biak Scops Owl
Biak Paradise Kingfisher
Biak Lorikeet
Biak Gerygone
Biak White-eye
Biak Triller
Biak Scrubfowl / Megapode
Biak Whistler
Biak Pitta
Biak Monarch
Biak Black Flycatcher
Biak Leaf Warbler
Biak Fantail
Biak Golden Monarch
Geelvink Pygmy Parrot
Geelvink Cicada Bird
Geelvink Imperial Pigeon
Geelvink Fruitdove / Yellow-Bibbed Fruitdove
Long-tailed Starling
Black-winged Lory

and some other Common Birds like : Toresian Imperial Pigeon, Long-tailed Honey Buzzard, Pasific Baza, Brahminy Kite, Spotted Dove, Shooty-Headed Bulbul, Willy Wagtail, Great Cuckoo-Dove, Amboyna Cuckoo-Dove, Brush Cuckoo, Little Bronze Cuckoo, Claret-Breasted Fruitdove, Superb Fruitdove, Emperor Fairywren, Red-Cheeked Parrot, Red-Fronted Lorikeet, Beach Kingfisher, Metallic Starling, Papuan Frogmouth, Large-Tailed Nightjar, Shining Flycatcher, Red-capped Flowerpecker / Papuan Flowerpecker, Rainbow Bee-eater, Golden Monarch, Spangled Drongo, Pasific Swallow, Barn Swallow, Common Emerald Ground-dove, Moustached Treeswift, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Eastern Great Egret ..etc.


4 Days / 3 Nites :
Day 1 > Arrival Biak – Numfor Island – Afternoon Birding
Day 2 > Full Day Birding Tour
Day 3 > Morning Birding – Biak island
Day 4 > Biak Departure

Main Focus Endemic Birds of Numfor island :
Numfor Paradise Kingfisher, Numfor Leaf Warbler, Numfor Pitta ..etc