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Benny and the whole team at Papua Birding Indonesia were just fantastic. I spent 5 days with them on Biak and everything was organised perfectly : Timely departure in good vehicles to great destinations taking in all of Biak’s endemic birds and throwing in some great snorkeling on Owi island.

Highly recommended!!

(Biak Birding 19-22 June,2022)

Jonathan M


Hi Benny
We decided to take a relaxing here today and I would like to thank you and Eko for two really good days .

Everything was good organized and I enjoyed your company.Highly recommended. We Saw the best of the endemics but missed few.

That was expected though,after all it’s wild birds.All the best

(Biak Birding and Snorkeling 7 & 8 November 2022)

Thomas and Asa



We toured Raja Ampat and Sorong and surroundings with Discover Papua Birding from 27 April to 4 May 2023. Mr Benny and Eko have assembled professional teams for each location, and the outcomes are impressive.

Each team includes a local expert birder (or two), plus the localpeople on whose lands the birds live and who know exactly where and when to find each spectacular species of Birds of Paradise.

They might have been disappointed with us, an elderly couple who wanted to see some BoP and who do not even qualify as amateur birdwatchers, but they treated us as professionals. On each trek they brought an entire breakfast or afternoon tea plus stools for us to sit on. (Actually, you should discuss your dietary requirements with them in detail before you head out, or they will carry all kinds of food just in case.)

On Waigeo island we had the most amazing accommodation in a cabin on a reef of coral. We found Wilson’s BoP and a flock of maybe 10 Red BoP which put on a spectacular show for more than half an hour. We were taken to a village (Kampung Klayili) in the hinterland behind Sorong, and there, a bit to our embarrassment, were greeted by the entire village with a traditional welcome dance. Unfortunately, later in the afternoon Maggie developed a fever which did not respond to paracetamol, so in the evening Benny and team drove us back to Sorong to a hospital where she got treatment. We left her in Belagri Hotel with medications and returned to the village in the middle of the night. The villagers provided cooked meals, including breakfasts, which were served on the veranda of “our” hut. The next morning our first attempt at finding the Lesser BoP was unsuccessful, so we returned in the afternoon and were rewarded with a long and diverse display by a spectacular Lesser BoP. The next morning we headed off in a different direction – if Benny says there is a small river to cross, be sure to wear knee-high rubber boots, as the river is actually rather wide. Despite that, we were rewarded with a long display by a Magnificent Rifle Bird.

All in all, looking for Birds of Paradise with Benny, Eko and team is a “once in a lifetime experience” which you will never forget.

Drs. Lee and Maggie Seldon