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Supported by a professional and experienced team

Benny Lesomar is an advisor for Papua Birding Indonesia and has more than 20 years experienced in handling Papua Birding & Birds of paradise photography in Sorong lowland, Raja Ampat West Papua and at Aru island Maluku.

Boas join with Papua Birding Indonesia since July 2022 and appointed as a junior Biak birds escourt.

Putra Lesomar join with Papua Birding Indonesia since 2 years ago appointed as a yunior logistic

George is our Biak driver and join with team more than 3 years

Nano is our  escourt local guide in Numfor island Papua, has join with our team more then 10 years. He is from Java but lived in Numfor island Papua

Dell Dio Kapitataw has more then 15 years experienced, humoris,very responsible in his team work and was specialized appointed to handle logistic,boat captain,and cook. Many years traveling together with team to Sorong,Raja Ampat and Maluku to serve our Birding trip with clients

Eko is a young man who has often handled foreign tourists as well as a bird tour guide in Biak,Sorong lowland, Raja Ampat. He could organise any Birding or Bird photography Trip to any destination in Papua and Aru,Kai Maluku East Indonesia,- He had more then 7 years experienced with his team and as the owner of Discoverpapua-birding.com to promote Papua Birding Indonesia to the world,-

Married with Marni Padang,and has a son named Elvano Shane Lesomar,-Speak good English and written

Absalom Kalami

Absalom is our best partner and birding guide for Sorong lowland then join with Papua Birding Indonesia since 2018 ,-He is smart with sharp eyes and an honesty man.

Absalom help us to observe the BOP for the first time in 2017 before we bring our clients to Malagufuk village for birding & Took birds photography.

Silvester Laga personally he is from Flores but living in Sorong more than 40 years ago
and join with Papua Birding Indonesia since 2010,-
He specialized appointed to handle Ticket & hotel booking for our clients.

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