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Sorong Regency covers an area of 13,075.28 km2, and had a population of 118,679 at the 2020 Census. Sorong Regency is located at 00° 33′ 42” – 01° 35′ 29″ South Latitude and 130° 40′ 49″ – 132° 13′ 48” East Longitude.

Sorong has a variety of the beauty of birds of paradise which are very famous such as: Lesser Bird of Paradise , King Bird of Paradise , Magnificent Bird of Paradise , Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise , and other birds such as : Magnificent Riffle Bird , Blyth’s Hornbill , Hook-Billed Kingfisher , Red-Breasted Paradise Kingfisher , Blue-Black Kingfisher , Yellow-billed Kingfisher , Papuan Dwarf Kingfisher , Black Cicada Bird , Greater Black Coucal , Variable and Grey-Headed Goshawk , Red-necked Crake , Stephan’s Emerald Dove , Rufous-bellied Kookaburra , Black-capped Lory , Orange-bellied Fruit Dove , Fairy Gerygone , Golden Monarch , Frilled Monarch , Large-tailed Nightjar , Papuan Frogmouth , Marbled Frogmouthn, Zoe’s Imperial Pigeon , Pasific Koel , Yellow-faced Myna , Western Crown Pigeon , Lowland Peltops …etc.


Our Services

Local Birds Guide

We have Local Birding Guide staff who speak English and writing. During birding in Sorong and Waigeo island (West Papua), You will be accompanied by our Guides and Local Escort.


Since you arrived at the DEO Airport Sorong, we will pick you up with a Private Car (4Wheel Car / 4×4), then during the tour we will adjust the transportation according to the number of pax during the tour from Day 01 until finish your birding trip.


Breakfast at the bird spot, we generally prepare the simple breakfast with Coffee / Tea and Mineral water.

Lunch we can prepare a lunch box as fried chicken, vegetables and sauces or sea food in the form of fish, shrimp, noodles…but if you want to have lunch and dinner in the city, we will prepare it at a Chinese restaurant according to the taste of your favorite food.


For lodging, we will adjust to your needs, such as Jasmine hotels, Star hotels, Dive Resort or Local Homestay (Depending on the area where you will visit for birding or birds photography).


Min. 2 Persons

Max. 6 Persons per-Group



Tour Summary

5 Days / 4 Nites :

Day 1 > Arrival Sorong – Sorong Lowland

Day 2 > Sorong Lowland / Village Birding

Day 3 > Sorong Lowland / Village Birding

Day 4 > Sorong Lowland / Village – Sorong City

Day 5 > Sorong Departure